Computex 2009:Raxconn的游戏键盘

澳门新萄京赌场网址,相信Raxconn的游戏键盘,对于电竞玩家,应该不会陌生才是。之前有出圆盘造型,以及圆盘附正常键盘的规格,并且也有在台湾销售。不过上图这款游戏键盘倒是吸引笔者的注意。最主要的原因是右边是单手就可以使用的键盘他将键盘中的右半边Y、U、I、O、P整个移到下方,算是颇为特殊的排列设计。----<Computex 2009: Gaming Keyboard from Raxconn>Today we drop by the showroom of Raxconn, a manufacturer who makes specially designed keyboards for computer games. The keyboard illustrated in the photo above caught our attention: the right hand half of the keyboard, designed to be used by one single hand, have the Y, U, I, O, P keys specifically moved to lower rows of the keyboard, which is an unusual layout design. Continue after the break for more photo of this keyboard with two other specially designed gaming keyboards.

澳门新萄京赌场网址 1至于另外两款键盘,之前应该有读者看过了。

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